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Dacromet 310/320
Dacromet 500 Dacrotizing applies water based coatings consisting of zinc and aluminum flakes together with a passivating chromate matrix, mainly trivalent chromium. The coatings have a pleasant, silver grey matt metallic appearance accepted well in most applications.

Dacrotizing provides corrosion resistance far superior to that provided by zinc and cadmium coatings in urban, industrial and marine atmospheres. Dacrotizing successfully combines the corrosion protection properties of zinc i.e. sacrificial protection and barrier protection with very effective chromate passivation of zinc, aluminum and iron.
Superior Corrosion Resistance Dacrotized coatings can withstand a minimum of 250 hrs without white rust and a minimum of 500hrs without red rust in the Neutral Salt Spray test. Dacrotized coatings can withstand cyclic corrosion tests for up to 40 cycles without rusting.
Superior Temperature Stability The coatings are not affected by continuous exposure to temperature up to 250°C and occasional exposure to temperature up to 280°C.
Penetration & Coverage Dacrotizing is particularly suitable for parts which are difficult to coat effectively and evenly with electroplating such as springs, nuts and even small preassembled parts such as locking mechanisms.
No Hydrogen Embrittlement The application of Dacrotizing does not generate any hydrogen embrittlement.
Lubricity Dacrotizing process can be used to obtain self-lubricity. In addition, the modified coating also offers an advantage of maintaining its lubricity even after immersion in solvents or after cleaning. Thus, this coating is particularly useful for the protection of high tensile strength bolts requiring axial clamping loads close to their elastic limit and also for many other parts for which lubricity is important.
Resistance to Stone Chippin: Dacrotizing coating structure provides excellent resistance to stone chipping without any significant adverse effect on corrosion protection.
Resistance to UV Radiation and Weathering Since Dacrotized coatings contain only inorganic materials, UV radiation had very little effect on them, as opposed to organic coatings which could be damaged by UV radiation. Dacrotized coatings also have a very good resistance fuels and many other liquids associated with industry.
Applications Dacrotizing is mainly used for the protection of ferrous metal components, including high tensile strength steel. Many cast iron and sintered metal parts can also be dacrotized. The coatings are particularly suited for:
Auto parts-Bolts, nuts, screws, tapping screws, washer chips coil spring, brackets, pipes and other engine compartment and under body components
Bolts and screws with captive washers.
Wheel bolts
Spring pins
Safety critical parts
Components used in offshore structures and agricultural machinery
Components used in mining and process industries
H.T. bolts nails, fence, fasteners, hinges and scaffolding metal parts for construction industry. GEOMET ®
Geomet 720
Geomet 500 Coating manufacturers have been requested to provide products which are more environment friendly, which do not pollute the air, water or soil. Geomet is the answer to all such requirements.
GEOMET® is a Chromium-Free (NO HEXAVALENT and NO TRIVALENT) cost effective alternative to both electro/mechanical platings and solvent-based organic coatings. The GEOMET® Coating Systems can be applied to a variety of substrates in order to provide corrosion protection to ferrous metals.
GEOMETTM appearance with both coats is silver, metallic in color. The structure of the basecoat is very similar to the DACROMET® structure; contains zinc and aluminum flakes or platelets aligned in multiple layers.
Environmental Benefits CHROMIUM-FREE- Does not contain any chromium (NO HEXAVALENT and NO TRIVALENT) GEOMET® meets the following regulations:
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
DaimlerChrysler CS-9003
General Motors GMW 3059
Ford WSS-M99P9999-A1 (Hex 9)
EU Directive on End of Life Vehicles NO TOXIC METALS - Free from nickel, cadmium, lead, barium, and mercury WATER-BASED
Water clean up
Low odor
Worker / ECO friendly VOC COMPLIANT - Under U.S. EPA RACT Other properties: Dacrotized components have good weld ability and good paint ability. Coated parts have a pleasing silver-grey, semi bright metallic color.